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The Journal of Cultural Policy. Vol. 38, No. 1, 2024

Exploratory Research on Achievement and Limitations of Arts and Culture Education Policy: Focusing on In-Depth Interviews with Stakeholders and Experts
문화예술교육정책의 성과와 한계에 대한 고찰: 이해관계자 및 전문가 심층인터뷰 분석을 중심으로
J. Cult. Policy 2024;38(1):5-32.
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Comparative Study of National Intangible Heritage System in Republic of Korea and Taiwan: Focusing on Support Plan for Holder of Traditional Performing Arts
한국과 대만의 국가무형유산 제도 비교연구: 전통공연예술 종목의 보유자 지원제도를 중심으로
J. Cult. Policy 2024;38(1):33-64.
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A Study of Users' Digital Advertising Experiences in Terms of the Labor Perspective: Focusing on the Proposing of the Concept of Underestimated Labor
노동 관점으로 바라보는 수용자의 디지털 광고 경험에 관한 고찰: 저평가 노동(Underestimated Labor) 개념 제시를 중심으로
J. Cult. Policy 2024;38(1):65-94.
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Impact of Safety Awareness of Viewing Facilities on Content Consumption: Focusing on Theater Movie and Concert
관람시설 안전인식이 콘텐츠 소비량에 미치는 영향 : 극장영화와 콘서트를 중심으로
J. Cult. Policy 2024;38(1):95-116.
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A Study on the Perception and Sentiment Change of Traditional Markets through Case Analysis of Gurye 5-Day Market :Using Blogs and Text Mining
‘구례5일장’ 사례로 본 전통시장 인식 및 감성의 변화: 블로그 텍스트 마이닝 적용
J. Cult. Policy 2024;38(1):117-148.
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Art Subsidy Review System and Lottery
예술지원 심의제도와 제비뽑기
J. Cult. Policy 2024;38(1):149-174.
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